Canada Does Not Belong to White People, Everyone Belongs to Canada

“Where are you from?” or “Where are you from originally?” are very sensitive questions especially from minorities, who gone through racism.

What “Canadianized” people (Whites, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, etc….) don’t realize is it this question stems from racialized history.  During the 1970s or 1980s, a lot of Chinese Canadians, were asked this question even though their English is perfect, with no accent whatsoever.

And guess who asked this question the most? White People

If I (Chinese Canadian) ask a white guy the same question, he and other white people will look at me strangely.

Yeah, this phrasing of a question is offensive, but no white person will ever ask another white person this question because of how they think that the norm it is the whites, who build this modern country.


Whites do not own modern Canada, it truely belongs to the Indigeneous people of Canada.  So no one questions the racialized question of “Where are you from originally?” when a white asks a minority?  But whites get so offended when a minority or other whites asks them this very same question.

In conclusion, with the exception of whites with heavy accents, why do no one question where whites come from originally?  Do these whites think Canada is a White man’s country?  First and foremost, the true people are the Indigenous People of Canada. Yet, every group has contributed to the building of modern Canada, both whites and coloured people.  So why a person of colour should be questioned where they come from originally?

A better way to ask this question is “where are you ancestors from?”, therefore affirming that they are Canadian, but not First Nation.

Author: thetruthunloaded

I am someone who wants to discuss about topics that will engage people, no more, no less

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