Charlene Okeymow is a Thief

As requested from an anonymous pissed off individual, who endured bullying from this person, Charlene Okeymow

Just as a disclaimer, I will not reveal the identities of my clients, as they request to remain anonymous.

Here is Charlene’s Personal Facebook Profile or (if link does not work)

Now I myself, have been shopping in this store since its inception in 2015, but workers at this store has confide in me of the horrible work environment that occurs there.

According to this person, Charlene Okeymow is a former worker at Kevin’s Your Independent Grocer and Extra Foods (before it was bought out by Kevin Young, store owner of Kevin’s Your Independent Grocer), who is greatly hated among the staff.  She has an attitude problem that stems from her uneducated background, as she dropped out of high school, and did not pursue any form of adult or post-secondary education.

She started off as a cashier, but as she moved into customer service, her attitude turned into a hateful bitch.  She would insult customers with unprofessional, racial. and aggressive remarks, such as “You have to wait in line!!!”, “Can’t you see I am doing something right now?!?!”, or something along the effect.

For example, there was a Black customer (I will not reveal their gender, as they requested to remain anonymous), who was asking Charlene, if a certain product is available in the store, since they saw it at Real Canadian Superstore, but wanted to inquire whether or not if it was available at Kevin’s Your Independent Grocer.  This customer experienced the worst shopping experience at the store, as Charlene, while on the phone, said “Can’t you see I’m on the phone, you nigger!?!?!“.  Wow, you are customer service represenative number 1, Charlene, you are going far places in life (sarcasm).

However, her attitude did not stop at customers, and continued to walk down the avenue of treating her fellow workers with the same hateful attitude.  She would directly insult her collegues with racial and verbal remarks.  One time, she insulted a cashier, who was asking about their break, which was missed, by saying “you already have your break, stop trying to steal another break”.  According to the cashier, their shift began at 3:30pm and ends at 8:30pm, making it a 5 hour shift, with a paid 15 minute break.  Usually, the 15 minute paid break starts after 2 hours into the shift, so their break should have begin at 5:30pm.  The cashier also discribed that breaks can be prolonged in the event of busy customer rush, however in this case, it was not.  The time that the cashier asked for their break was between 5:30pm to 5:40pm, and Charlene had the audacity to falsely accuse them of asking for another break when they did not receive their break to begin with.

In addition, the reason that she is not employed anymore at Kevin’s Your Indepedent Grocer is because her former boyfriend by the name of John, was caught shoplifting from the store by Loss Prevention Officers, therefore causing her to experience a lot of backlash, suspicion, and shame.  Due to her ex being caught shoplifting, she resigned and found another job.  Now, she was employed in the store since 2013, and resigned in 2016.  I find it difficult to believe that she did not know for 3 years that her ex was shoplifting because it’s possible that she went along with him and stole from withing the store as well.

Well, future employers, I hope that you do not hire Charlene Okeymow, as she is a hateful, destructive, and malicious person, who will not show any remorse for her actions.  Also, do you want to hire a thief?  Think about it.

Racist, Self-hating Asians in Vancouver, Canada

I am of Chinese descent, son of immigrant Chinese parents, and graduated student from the University of British Columbia (UBC).


Growing up in Vancouver, Canada, I experienced racism and discrimination by racist, bigoted, white nationalist whites.  Now, it’s one thing to be discriminated by another group, but what really piss me off even more, are the self-hating Chinese, who are third, fourth, or even fifth generation Chinese Canadians.

Now to be perfectly clear, I do not hate white people, I just hated the racist ones because even when I was picked on by the racist poverty-stricken hicks, nice white people (regardless of socio-economic background or class) came to my immediate aid and defense.

Before I’ve experienced severe racialized bullying, I lived in Burnaby, where there are a large population of immigrant families, namely Chinese, Indian, etc…  Everything went to shit when in grade 7, my family moved to the Champlain Heights area, where there are a well balenced multicultural group of people.  Initially, I thought that I would be able to make new friends, and we would all get along, however, I was dead wrong.

Almost immediately, I was ridiculed for my Chinese heritage and cultural values, and (formerly) overweight appearance by the white kids.  But, what really hurt me the most were the Chinese kids who made fun of me because I thought “we are the same kind, why are you doing this to me?”

One instance at Captain Cook Elementary School was when a Chinese kid named Alex (I forgot his last name), who comes from a Chinese family who lived in Canada since the 1950s, from what I’ve heard, came up to me with a sharpened, broken ruler, and tried to stab me with it.  I immediately defended myself, and hit him back, as I went to the classroom, I told the teacher but they did not do anything.

Taunting was an every day occurance, when the white kids and self-hating Chinese Kids would make fun of my heritage, such as “go back to China, you fucking Chink!”, “are you going to Chinatown?!”, “why are you here?!”.  Like I mentioned previously, its one thing to be picked on by white kids, but the self-hating Chinese kids makes one want to give them a well-thorough beating.  Even those fucking white trailer trash, called their Chinese “friends”, “Chink” or “Chinamen” behind their backs.

For example, White Kid: “I don’t know why this fucking Chink likes to hangout with us”

But the bullying did not stop at Captain Cook Elementary School, when a group of Canadianized white, Chinese, and Indian kids, continue to harrass me and other immigrant Chinese and Indian kids.  And this continued well into the end of elementary school.


When I attended Killarney Secondary School, I thought that things will be different since I will be able to make new friends and meet more reasonable people.  Unfortunately, I was wrong, it was worse.  The teachers there were a cesspool of imcompetent, pusilanimous, and pathetic pile of garbage, who are hypocritical in the sense, that they say that they “want to make Killarney Secondary School a safe place for learning, growth, and development”, but when they witnessed bullying, they continue to turn a blind eye and pretend to not see anything.

For the bullies, it is a vicious cycle, where the population has been divided into segregating groups.

For example:

Canadianized, racist, white nationalist Whites

Canadianized, self-hating Chinese

Immigrant Asians

Immigrant Indians

Immigrant Blacks

Immigrants Hispanics

Immigrant Whites

The list goes on and on…

Before I go any further, from my social observations, I like to point out that even the Canadian white kids picked on certain whites as well too.  As a result, these discriminated white kids tend to hang out with other discriminated groups.  These include: Irish, Italians, Western and Eastern Europeans.

For instance, in grade 11, I’ve befriended an British kid, who was being made fun of by the Canadian white kids for his English accent, and mannerisms, which I say is quite civilized.

My English friend is very courteous and is willing to help those in need, before eating his lunch, he would use a napkin and tuck it in his shirt collar to avoid stains on his clothes, and shows respect for his fellow classmates and teachers.

Now tell me this? Who is more civilized? A racist, ignorant, bigoted Canadian or a well-spoken, polite, respectful British

Fortunately for me, because there were more immigrant kids at Killarney, it became much more safer for me as we are all discriminated by these hate groups.  My friends generally tend to be Vietnamese, Hong Kong Chinese, Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese, Indians (recent immigrants), African Canadians, Hispanics, Irish, Italians, Western Europeans, Eastern European, etc…

After Highschool

After graduating from high school, I’ve attended the University of British Columbia where I majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology.  I’ve realized that the majority of domestic students were mostly from immigrants families like mine, but most of the Canadianized Chinese or whites either did not go to post-secondary, or went to college/university, but dropped out from flunking or giving up.

I’ve kept track on my former bullies (Canadianized whites and Chinese) through facebook and peers, that 20 out of 37 of them did not go to college/university, 17 out of 37 went to college/university (15 of them dropped out due to failing grades or giving up, while 2 of them got their diploma, certificate, or associate degree).

So yeah, great job you losers, 35 of you bums did not make anything out of your education, and only 2 of you made it

Now, the argument for the above is that education is not for everyone.  Indeed so, however, these losers think that they are better than everyone just because they think their English is better.  Well excuse me, my English is much better than you because I went to University, and I’ve taken English courses that allows me to speak in a more sophisticated and educated manner, while you remain at the proefficiency of a highschool student.  So who’s English is better now?  Back to what I was saying, school is not for everyone, but educating yourself for personal development and improvement is far more rewarding instead.  Instead of improving yourself, these losers refuse to change for the better and continues to live in their ignorant lives.

A message to you losers, who bullied me and other minorities,

Do you remember how you walked in the hallways with a smug cocky attitude, wearing your Northface bomber, addidas track pants, and white lacoste velcro sneakers, and tormenting everyone?  Well let me tell you something, your values (if you can call it values), and materialistic properties (expensive clothes), are cheap to me.  Whatever you have is cheap because my work experience, education, and personal development is worth more than you will ever achieve

I theorized that these Canadianized kids and their parents alike do not value education compare to students who come from immigrant families, therefore people like me are successful in terms of socio-economic status, while these Canadianized kids fall back in society.

In addition, immigrant families know what it is like to struggle in a new country in terms of finances, social, and cultural values, therefore we have to work hard to make sure our families do not suffer from hard times.